As most of you know, Prayerful Path is a small woman-owned business. I started this mission in 2013 after walking my first Camino. Since then I have led many walking pilgrimages with my main focus and knowledge being along The Camino de Santiago. Through the years we have grown and have led pilgrimages not only along the Camino but in Italy and Israel as well.

“My mission is to offer you these pilgrimages at a great cost so that everyone has the opportunity to experience these amazing spiritual walks with Christ!”

At this time it is me and now my sister, Katie, working on this mission. Everything is done by the two of us. I designed our website and continue to handle the maintenance, write blog posts, send out emails, design and plan pilgrimages, and handle all travel arrangements. We are currently working on a new book coming out this February, new shirt designs, new Camino artwork, and converting our book, Step by Step into an Ebook. There is so much more we would like to offer, for example, we would love to build our YouTube page with weekly videos and also offer some live online groups and content.

We choose not to run ads on our site because let’s face it, they are annoying! We are doing our best to offer you content and new opportunities to help you along your spiritual walk. If you love the content provided to you or want to help support costs associated with running our website, emails, and blog posts, or you would like to sponsor a new project, please make a donation!

Anything truly helps. You can make a one-time donation, buy me a cup of coffee, or pitch in and make a recurring donation! I sincerely thank you for the support and appreciate you so much.

Payments are secured through PayPal.

Other ways to support this Mission:

  • Invite me to speak, more information.
  • Join us on a pilgrimage, bring a friend!
  • Visit our Etsy/Web Store and make a purchase.

Here are a few ways to support us that cost $0:

  • Share a blog post or email with a friend!
  • Follow me on social media and engage with the content.
  • Share posts on your social media channels.
  • Basically, just help spread the word ?
  • Pray for us!

We truly appreciate YOU and thank you for any support!