As we are walking in life, we are given so many paths. We move in many directions and sometimes we are not even sure which direction we are going.

When we are on a pilgrimage, we are walking towards God. We walk to God just as we are. The doubtful, the sick, the needy, the curious, the adventurist, the seeker, the giver, the loving, the hopeful, and the list goes on. We walk to God for answers. We walk to God for help. Sometimes, we walk to God to be thankful and to offer ourselves to Him completely.

It is on this pilgrimage, where we step away from our everyday lives. We leave our jobs, our concerns and give ourselves to God. It’s on this pilgrimage, where we open our eyes, heart, and listen to the Word of God. In this place, our journey progresses. The steps might not be easy, the path might be steep, but it is these steps on this path where we move towards God.

A pilgrimage is different than a vacation, it is different than a tour. It is a personal invitation from God. God calls each and every one of us. It is different for everyone. A pilgrimage is when a pilgrim says’s “Yes, my Lord” and embarks on a Holy Journey. It is a journey to a holy, sacred place where the pilgrim will feel the presence of God.

To receive God’s graces on this pilgrimage, one must embrace this journey with an open heart and have joyful anticipation. The pilgrim must separate themselves from the world. We must leave our problems behind and turn to Our Lord. This time on the pilgrimage is a gift to ourselves. A gift from God. God will shower you with graces, but one’s heart must be open to receive these gifts. This pilgrimage is a time of prayer. Your pilgrimage is your own, no two pilgrimages are the same. To receive the most from your pilgrimage will depend upon you. Ask God to bless you with a heart that will be open to receive the gifts and graces He wishes to give you. Open your arms, heart, and mind, and be ready to receive the most amazing gifts!