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Prayerful Path is a pilgrimage/retreat/adventure business specializing in The Camino de Santiago and hiking pilgrimages.

We offer routes across Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Israel and Scotland. Our adventures are a retreat for your soul. You may choose to travel on your own or with a group. The choice is yours, we are here to help you with your adventure.

Have you always wanted to be a treasure hunter? Pilgrims are like treasure hunters because they are driven by the hunger for discovery.

What treasure will you be seeking? Most pilgrims are seeking internal treasures. Forgiveness, reconciliation, a new direction in life, confirmation of a major life choice, or a renewed or rediscovered sense of personal identity.

What treasure do you need to find? Find peace and give yourself the perfect opportunity to hear the voice of God and get to know Jesus in a whole new way. Discover something new about yourself. ​​

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Jesus, I trust in you!

Trust is an important part of my faith. But even when I am in that place of trust, I am always amazed at how God works in my life.  I would love to tell you that I always had this trust but that is not so.  It’s something Our Lord is teaching me day by day.  Aren’t …

Feast Day of Saint Francis

FRANCIS OF ASSISI, FRIAR D. 1226 PATRON OF ANIMALS AND OF ECOLOGY St. Francis was born in the hill country of central Italy in the town of Assisi around 1181. He was the only child of a prosperous cloth merchant and grew up among the …

Eat, Pray and Walk the Way of St. Francis

Some of the highlights along The Way of St. Francis Santuario della Verna (La Verna, our starting point) We start our walk from La Verna, a remote mountain retreat. As we leave the Sanctuary of La Verna, through the Casentino park, it is like walking back in time …