You are invited on a journey of the heart.

We will leave the world behind us as we embark on this traditional walking pilgrimage. This adventure will take us along part of the route taken by Íñigo López de Loyola. Who is better known as Saint Ignatius of Loyola. Making our way from his home in Loyola, Spain’s Basque country, to Montserrat and Manresa and ending our pilgrimage in Barcelona. Let the rhythm of your steps and the sound of your breath guide you as we stroll through vineyards and mountain passes. Along the way, we will discover quaint villages, lavender fields, local wines, and foods. We will walk part of the same route that Ignatius did, pass through many towns that he did, pray at churches where he did, and marvel at the natural wonders that he saw. We will end our pilgrimage in the town of Manresa. Ignatius rested in this town for some months after his journey from Loyola. It was here that he had a profound spiritual enlightenment. This is where he composed his spiritual masterpiece, the Spiritual Exercises which we practice daily along this journey.

We are excited to announce we have two options for this pilgrimage!

Which one is right for you?

Itinerary Highlights

  • You have options! Choose between joining us in Spain or joining us on a Virtual Pilgrimage!
  • Daily prayers/contemplative exercises, this is more than a pilgrimage it is a retreat for your soul.
  • Visit The Black Madonna of Montserrat, It is tradition for you to kiss or touch the Virgin’s hand whilst opening out your other hand to Jesus.
  • Explore Zaragoza a 2000-year-old city (from 13BC). Shrines to tapas, plenty of options for your day in one of Spains great cities.
  • Enjoy the beauty of Aizkorri-Aratz National Park as we make our way to the contemporary sacred Sanctuary Arantzazu.
  • Sit in contemplation in the Cave of Manresa open your heart and listen. Allow the Spirit to move you, this is the exact spot where Ignatius retreated for contemplative prayer and wrote the Spiritual Exercises.