Loyola – Manresa

254 kms

The Outer Journey

We will be walking part of the route taken by Íñigo López de Loyola. Who is better known as Saint Ignatius of Loyola. We will walk from his home in Spain’s Basque country to Montserrat and Manresa.

The “Camino Ignaciano,” or the “Ignatian way” begins at the birthplace of Ignatius Loyola in Spain’s Basque country, in a village near the small town of Azpeitia. From there, the route proceeds through picturesque mountains, deserts, and plains. We will walk part of the same route that Ignatius did, pass through many towns that he did, pray at churches where he did, and marvel at the natural wonders that he saw. We will end in the town of Manresa near Barcelona. Ignatius rested in this town for some months after his journey from Loyola.

The Inner Journey

Manresa was a place of profound spiritual enlightenment for him. Here he composed his spiritual masterpiece, the Spiritual Exercises.

This will be both an outer journey as well as an inner journey. We will walk for 16 days. The outer journey will be well marked and well-led but the inner journey will be less marked. Like all pilgrimages, the inner journey is the most important. For some it will be about forgiveness or reconciliation, for others a new direction or course in life, a confirmation of a major life choice, or a renewed or rediscovered sense of personal identity.

St. Ignatius himself walked this pilgrimage for his inner journey.

“The pilgrim Ignatius of Loyola started at a critical time in his life where he had to make a decision. The pilgrimage changed his life and his subsequent projects helped change the world.” ~Josep Lluís Iriberri, SJ,

We will have a Priest/Spiritual director joining us for this pilgrimage. This will allow you to have the opportunity to have guidance for your inner pilgrimage. We will also have the opportunity for Mass, silence, prayer, personal reflection, spiritual conversation, and sharing in small groups.