Summer loving … some of the best summer Camino routes

Are you thinking of walking a Camino this summer? Are you wanting to walk a pilgrimage but not sure which one to do? Are you worried about the weather being too hot? Well, don’t worry! Thanks to all the different pilgrimage paths in Portugal and Northern Spain, the perfect pilgrimage is waiting for you. Thankfully, these paths have milder temperatures than southern Spain.

But keep in mind it is still Summer, so the hottest part of the day is usually mid-afternoon, not midday. Because these Caminos are in a milder climate the temperature can reach the high 80s Fahrenheit instead of the high 90s. Which makes a big difference.

I have walked a Camino in the Summer, in fact, my first one in 2013 I walked into Santiago on the Feast day of St. James, July 25th. It was hot. It was also perfect because we just planned around the temperatures. We started our day early so we would be finished around noon, but with the milder climate in northern Spain, you have more time. Just plan your day to have your walking finished or almost done before the hottest part of the day which would be around 2:00. You have options, you could start early or have shorter walking days. Contact us and we can help you plan your perfect Camino.

I would like to introduce you to our new division of Prayerful Path.

“Merry Wandering Traveler”

Here is a list of the best Summer Camino/Pilgrimage Routes:

These are all Self-guided options. The beauty of a self-guided Camino, you do what you want to do! These pilgrimages can be customized just for you.

What do you want to walk?

Just contact us and let us plan your perfect Camino! Wanting to go somewhere after your walk? Let us know, we can help plan your perfect summer getaway!

Portuguese Coastal Camino

Porto-Santiago – 280km – starts at $1250

Walk along the beautiful Atlantic coastline of northern Portugal and Galicia. Let the rhythm of your steps and the sound of the ocean guide you as we stroll along the coastline, the inner forests, and the small coastal towns. The healing power of the Ocean will be your guide.

Plenty of options along this path.

Camino Ingles from Ferrol

Ferrol -Santiago – 115km – starts at $575

The English way starts on the rugged hilly coastline of northern Spain and then moves inland to the wooded countryside. This route is quieter than other routes so if you are wanting to avoid the busy French Way this is the path for you. It is like traveling back in time as you pass through the medieval village of Betanzos with its hill-perched marketplace.

The Way of Fatima

Coimbra to Fatima – 111km – starts at $675

This walk is inspired by the life and work of Sister Lucia, one of the three visionary children of Fatima. In 1947, she entered the Carmel of St. Teresa in Coimbra and lived here until her death in 2005. This journey of 111 km will take us from Carmel Santa Teresa in Coimbra to the Sanctuary of Fatima. Enjoy natural footpaths in the quiet beautiful countryside of Portugal.

Contact us and let us start planning your perfect Summer Camino. Let us do the work all you need to do is start packing for your summer pilgrimage and don’t forget your hat and sunscreen.

Don’t want to walk on your own, join us on one of our guided pilgrimages. Remember if you have a group of 5, we can make customized guided walking Caminos!

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.

Paulo Coelho

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