The Camino is Calling and I Must Go!

“The call of the Camino” is a popular phrase. I started to feel the pull in 2010 when a co-worker mentioned it. At that point, I was only talking about it, really never knowing when it would happen but I was captivated and I started the journey of finding out more. The journey of walking across Spain was intriguing. Walking in the path of St. James would be amazing. I was drawn to the spiritual side of it, stepping out of my comfort zone and letting God guide me. I was drawn to the path.

The final call came one wintry weekend in 2012 when my son Cale and I were watching the movie, “The Way”. He turned to me and said, “let’s do it!” That was all it took. It was December and we started to plan it and we walked in July of 2013!

That was the beginning of my Camino Journeys! As you can see, it became my passion.

Cale, Myself, and Cody at the Airport in 2013!

Once Called …

Once you have been “called” you will find that it doesn’t go away. Everywhere you go, there will be reminders. You will meet people who have walked it or are thinking about it. Of course, your social media feeds will be littered with it. All reminders that the Camino is calling you!

Ask anyone who has walked the Camino and they will tell you that if the Camino is calling, you must go. It doesn’t matter the route or the distance, follow your heart. This is why you meet people who have walked it numerous times. It feeds your soul!

When I finally walked it in 2013, I only had time to do the last 100 km, we walked from Sarria to Santiago. It was everything I expected and more. We met so many wonderful people from all corners of the globe, saw the beautiful countryside of Spain, tasted the delicious food and drank the wine! Along the way, we learned about the history of Spain and were exposed to some fantastic artwork. We experienced the Camino without making reservations and trusted completely in Divine Providence. We walked into Santiago on July 24th, a special day because July 25th is the Feast day of Santiago. Of course, after walking that part, I knew I had to return and walk the full Camino. Which of course, I did and plenty more!

Me in O’Pedrouzo (had to take this photo op)
The next day we walked into Santiago!

Words cannot fully describe the feeling of walking into Praza do Obradoiro and to see the main entrance to the Santiago Cathedral for the first time, in fact, each time is special! Hearing the bagpipes, seeing the emotions and joy in every pilgrim, the laughter, the tears, and the hugs. Joy fills the square!

All of our Camino friends in 2018 after walking from St. Jean to Santiago.

Want More…

If you have been ‘called’ to the Camino but are not sure where to start, we can help!

We offer guided and self-guided pilgrimages. Here recently one of our most popular self-guided trips has been the full-length Camino. We are currently working on getting this on our site, but if you want a quote please contact us.

We are currently getting all of our self-guided trips online. If you only have a few weeks, I highly suggest either Leon to Santiago or the Portuguese Coastal Camino!

We will tailor your daily walking distances to suit your ability and timeframe. If you are unsure of which route to take or if you should walk with a group or on your own, let us help! We can advise you on the best route by yourself or with a group, when to walk, how to get to your starting point, and more!

The Way of St James is a truly transformational journey, it feeds your soul! So don’t worry, no matter which section you choose, every walk on the Camino is beautiful!

The Camino is calling and I must Go!

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