The Other Wise Man

By: Kathleen Aparo

On that sacred night of nights
A barn owl watched it all
He saw the woman bending there
Then heard the angels call

He watched the shepherds bow their heads
The sheep in wonder stare
And when the star moved over all
He saw the baby there
He wondered at the scene below
As he whispered in the night
Whoo   whoo   whoo
And the Babe smiled with delight

He did not know just how he knew
Perhaps it was the star
Or the wise men on their camels
Who had come so very far
But the owl knew this little child
Would change men through the years
And that the love within his words
Would comfort all their fears.

Then an angel looked upon the owl
And spoke as in a prayer
“your wisdom is a special joy
To the blest child laying there
And so dear owl through out the years
You shall be known as wise
And in the darkness of the night
You’ll see with special eyes
And every time you whisper soft
Your gentle whoo, whoo, whoo
A soul will find his way to God
Through the Babe who smiled on you.”

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