Lets celebrate and share the Camino Magic with others!

Why pay it forward?

I know you remember the feeling of walking the Camino or going on a pilgrimage. Don’t you want to share this with others?

My first pilgrimage back in 2008 changed my life forever. Since 2008 every pilgrimage, I have been blessed to go on, has been a gift.  A gift of beautiful lessons, skills to overcome difficult situations and a deepened faith and trust while walking with Christ! 

We started this business, so we could offer pilgrimages at a reasonable cost. We want everyone to be able to experience the beauty of a pilgrimage. 

We hope to do that and more with this program. We will be offering a free pilgrimage for pilgrims in need. In need of love.

If you know someone who deserves this pilgrimage or if you are interested in helping us with this program please contact us below, we would love to talk with you.