We’re not tourists…we’re pilgrims!

It’s a blessing to go to Israel and walk where Jesus walked. It might be your dream to go to the Holy Land. To see it, to feel it, and to be a part of it. We want to help you experience your dream. We want you to experience it as a pilgrim, not a tourist!

There will be distractions and challenges. There will be crowds, buses of tourists, vendors, and large groups. Normal everyday life will be all around you. So how?

How do you feel like you are on a pilgrimage amidst the noise and crowds?

How do you take in the Holy sites in a peaceful and quiet way?

How do you not be stressed out?

You want to “Walk where Jesus walked” – with Jesus!

We want the same for you. We want you to walk with Jesus, to experience the risen Christ in our midst. We don’t want you to feel like tourists or to hurry or to feel overloaded in any way. We want you to just be, be present with Our Lord and to be present on your journey. 

Let us make your dream come true. Join us on our beautiful pilgrimage. You will be walking along the countryside from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, you will be actually walking where Jesus walked. Walking where Jesus did most of His ministry work. You will be sitting under the tree or along the water. You will have quiet time. You will have time to sit with Jesus. 

We will come together as a group and have Scripture meditations and prayers to engage our hearts with the Lord. Each morning we will start with prayer. 

We will set aside time at the holy sites and throughout the pilgrimage to find that quiet spot to pray and reflect. We will share our hearts with one another. Our pilgrimage family will come together and you will make lifetime friends. 

Please pray about joining us. As we pray, we go on a journey, one that hopefully brings us closer to Christ and leaves us changed by the encounter with him.  

Walk the Jesus Trail this year, let this journey bring you closer to Christ, and leave you changed by this beautiful encounter with him!

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