What will your Lenten Journey look like?

The season of Lent is an important part of our journey of faith. This journey, if we allow it to, will take us to wonderful new places.

So what will your Lenten Journey look like?

“Lent calls each of us to renew our ongoing commitment to the implications
of the Resurrection in our own lives, here and now.
But that demands both the healing of the soul and the honing of the soul,
both penance and faith, both a purging of what is superfluous
in our lives and the heightening, the intensifying, of what is meaningful.”

Joan Chittister, The Liturgical Year

What is your heart and soul yearning for, what are you being called to this Lenten Season?

The following is from ignatianspirituality.com.

“How do I want to be during Lent this year? More quiet and thoughtful? More open to God’s desires? Better able to sit with people who need me? More attentive to sacred readings, whether in church or in private? Do I need to be more compassionate toward my own fears and failings? Do I need to become more courageous about using the gifts God has given me?

Start today and pray, ask yourself the following questions leading up to Lent.

  • Ask God, every day, “What does my soul need?” Just ask, and wait quietly. Because we’re very good at fooling ourselves about how we’re doing, it might take several days of praying this question before we’re truly open and humble enough to know the answer.
  • Ask God, every day, “What about my life makes you happy?” Yes, when God looks at your life, some parts of it—perhaps many aspects of it—bring joy to God’s heart. Think of how your children or grandchildren or other people close to you make you happy. God is in relationship with you, which means that your sins grieve God’s heart, but also that your growth and love and freedom and kindness bring joy to God of the universe. Again, you will probably need to pray this a few times before you are willing to consider that you give God pleasure, that you make God happy in any way. Stick with this little prayer and keep listening.
  • Tell God, and yourself, every day, “I want to be open to the graces of this Lenten season.” Maybe you’re not open right now, or you’re not as open and willing as you’d like to be or think you should be. What else is new? We can always open our lives a bit more, let go of more stuff, listen better, and do more quickly and passionately what we know helps nurture God’s kingdom on earth.

This is a beginning: three short and simple prayer starters to ready yourself for the holy season.

~source: https://www.ignatianspirituality.com/how-to-prepare-for-lent/

Want to further your Lenten Journey, join us this lent and walk the Ignatian Way! Give yourself time to contemplate these questions and more. A very special Lenten Retreat is waiting for you.

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