Traveling is back and 2022 is looking good!

We have just returned from our first pilgrimage since the pandemic started. If I said it was easy to travel at this time, I would be lying. It wasn’t difficult but it just took a little more planning and added a little bit of stress. Overall it was still worth it, the rewards were amazing.

“Next year is predicted to be even more popular for trips than before the pandemic, a new report by the World Travel & Tourism Council shows.”

If you are planning on joining us for a pilgrimage in 2022, don’t wait. Plan now and book before the pilgrimages fill up.

A few reasons to book now and to book with us:

A few of our pilgrimages are almost full, so don’t hesitate if you want to walk with a group. Remember also, most of our pilgrimages can be done as a self-guided trip. Just contact us with your dates and we will be happy to give you a quote.

Now that Europeans are able to travel, accommodations are filling up quickly! They are enjoying long weekends and holidays and staying in the towns along our paths.

Travel interest is only going to increase in the coming months. Many people have not traveled since the start of the pandemic and are eager to take a vacation.

Currently there are incredible deals on airfare. Most airlines offer no fee changes. Just read the small print. If you have your travel dates booked, you can book that flight!

The pandemic hurt everyone. Help small businesses recover. Not only will you be helping us, we strive to work with small businesses along our pilgrimages.

Book with confidence, we traveled during the Pandemic and can help ease the stress with our knowledge and we can guide you through the steps.

No worries, all trips are covered under our COVID policy and have free postponement.

Early morning along The Way of St. Francis
Early morning on the Way of St. Francis

The pandemic is certainly evolving, and I think it is good for travelers to evolve with it. Not sure if traveling will ever go back to what it was pre-pandemic, but we learned and found our way after 9-11 and we can do the same here!

I think we should remain cautious but optimistic. Travel is such an important part of our lives. We have been through a historically challenging period of time, and we owe it to ourselves to get back to doing the things we love. As safely as we can.

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