I say, “YES” my Lord!

“I say YES my Lord” 

One of my favorite songs.  

I say “Yes,” my Lord, 
in all the good times, through all the bad times. 
I say “Yes,” my Lord, to every word you speak. 

We sing our songs…we read our Bible verses and relish the many uplifting quotes that come our way.  We truthfully want all the encouragement we can get to strengthen us on our faith journey.  But are we thankful for all those words of faith that come our way? Are we thankful enough to take the time to discern what God is asking of us and, most importantly, are we willing to step out of our comfort zone? 

I confess that I am feeling the stirrings of God.  I confess that I feel God pointing me on a path which scares me. And I have all kinds of excuses ready.  “That’s not me Lord. I’m not that person.  You need someone much more talented and comfortable with that idea.”   

And yet, in my heart I know exactly what His answer will be.  “You can do all things through and with me. Be not afraid.”  His promises are there for me, for us.  But still I hear my weak inner voice answering Him. “Really? Are you sure? 

If there is one thing, I am sure of, it’s that I am very needy of his strength and guidance to take on the new task ahead of me. And yes, the distractions start to flood in. I’m taken up with other duties and even fall back to doing what I do best and well.  “(Isn’t that where you want me Lord?)” But I know deep in my heart, that I want to serve Jesus. I want to say, Yes!  my Lord!   

And so, in this state of mind, I look to the disciples…heros, all. These regular guys, humble fishermen, and good at that task, stepped away from what they knew and did best, to follow Jesus.   They said “Yes! My Lord.”  Like them, our paths are challenging and changing.  Peter wavered, Peter lied, Peter took his eyes off his true destiny.   And all because of fear.  Peter wanted his old life back. Until the resurrected Jesus appeared to him in the flesh and asked him …Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?”  

Wow!  What!  Wait!  Can you imagine how this loving and devoted man felt?  I can.  Peter felt just like I do and you do when we look away from God and forget to trust him in all things…when we let our fears take hold of us.   

 Just as Jesus asked Peter to love Him more than the life Peter knew; Jesus is calling us to love Him more than the life we’ve known.  Let us remember that just like he empowered Peter for his calling, He empowers us.  We have the gift of the Holy Spirit within us.  We are strong.  If we truly want to walk with Jesus; if we truly want to be a shepherd of God’s people, we must remember that our love for Jesus should impact the way we live our lives.  We need to be a people of joy and faith.   

So together, let’s pray for each other.  Let’s not allow fear to convince us to stay stuck in our same old ways.  Let’s pray to step out of our comfort zone and to simply say, “Yes, my Lord,” I love you more than all these other things. 

I say “yes” my Lord, 

In all the good times, through all the bad times. 

I say “Yes,” my Lord, to every word you speak. 

Let us pray: 

Lord, I say “yes” to you today and every day. Help me to remember my promise to you. Even when I am not sure and afraid, let me trust in you. I love You and I will live for You. Lead me. Teach me. Show me the way. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

By: Mary Maddox and Kathleen Aparo


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