The Path

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The Path

By: Kathleen Aparo

The other night, after I turned off the light and while I was talking to myself and to God, I heard one or the other say, “Self, it’s The Path.  It’s all about The Path.  It’s your chosen way. Led by all who have gone before you… ‘seeds planted in you by your grandparents and the generations before you.’ Every struggle, every question, every sorrow, all that sends you spiraling into the unknown, all of that, those are seeds searching for fertile ground.” 

Being led by those who have gone before us is a comforting thought.  

Comforting because I think that God is happy to see us just where we are. Right here, right now… on our Path. Everyone you see walking this earth today, on all the different Paths is here to continue something started very long ago.  All who have gone before each of us, every soul back through our history, made choices.  And those choices have brought us all to this moment in time. Every one of us is walking a long-traveled Path. And the hard lessons learned by our ancestors, now a part of our nature, have set us just a little ahead of them, a little further along The Path.   

So, I like to imagine that on that day of our birth, we smiled and waved to all of those who have gone before.  Step by step, we found ourselves on a familiar Path.  Till one day, we saw the Path before us offered another way.  A different strange-seeming way. Perhaps filled with lessons to learn. Scary.  From somewhere back through time, we were encouraged to try.  In that sunlight, new seeds began to grow…like breadcrumbs for the baby ones to follow.   A sign for all that God holds our hands and their hands…on and on and on.  

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  1. Margaret Wilson

    Beautiful reflection, Katie! ❤️🙏

    1. prayerfulpath

      It was actually written by our mom, I know its confusing haha, same name. I had another pilgrim say the same thing.

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